It's time to communicate your excellence on the web.

Website Design

Your standards are high.  Your performance and professionalism makes you stand out.  So how do we communicate that above and beyond the limits of what pricey phone directories and printed advertisements can achieve?  Allow us to build you a site that looks great on PC’s, tablets and smartphones.

Core Commitments

We begin with integrity, the foundation on which all other attributes are built. In design we aim for simply functional, our desire is to share information, not noise.  With pricing, we are well below market value.  Our vision is to see even the smallest businesses and organizations communicate their excellence on the web without large upfront costs.

Web Hosting

With your efforts invested in what you do so well, allow us to help you get the word out by fully managing your website.  We handle updating content, keeping the software secure, code and database backups and performance optimization.  Our low upfront costs are in place because we know when you become a client, you will likely remain a client for a long time!

Who We Are

Part timers!  Our small team is able to offer cost savings because none of us ‘quit our day jobs.’  This does limit the number of clients we can accept and care for, but it also allows us to offer to our select clients extensive experience in Information Technology and Marketing without the burdensome overhead. 

Your Team

  • Our founder has worked with a global Fortune Five-Hundred information management and digital services company and currently works in IT for a local health care company.  He has a background in sales, services, asset management, and pastoral ministry.
  • Our marketing expert has recently been promoted to a stay-at-home mom, having left the marketing department of a national software and hardware corporation.
  • Our engineering advisor is currently employed full-time with a national IT company that focuses on software and hardware for law enforcement agencies.
  • Our final team member is the founder’s wife, who outranks all the above.  She is currently employed in a healthcare environment.

New Clients

We are currently limited in clients that we are able to accept.

Additional Services

  • IMAP email with web/client access
  • Open Source SaaS deployments
  • Cloud